Saturday, September 29, 2018

President Trump Coming to Topeka

by Kevin Surbaugh, compiled from Press Releases

TOPEKA  - In a recent announcement, President Donald Trump announced he will visit Topeka, Kansas in support of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's campaign for governor. The October 6 event is free, but tickets are required.
Upon the announcement, Kobach said
"I'm honored and grateful that President Trump will be coming to Kansas on October 6. President Trump's success in cutting taxes at the national level unleashed economic growth, and I want to accomplish the same thing in Kansas by reducing our crushing tax burden. It has been a great privilege to work with President Trump's administration as a transition team member and informal adviser, and I look forward to working with him closely when I am Governor of Kansas."

 Steve Watkins, U.S. combat veteran, engineer, and Republican nominee for Kansas' 2nd Congressional District, a statement in response to the upcoming rally at the Expocentre in  Topeka, saying,

“Regardless of your political stripes, it is always a true honor to have an opportunity to welcome the President of the United States to your hometown. President Trump recognizes that this upcoming election and the race for the Second District of Kansas, in particular, is critical to the future of our nation and the Great State of Kansas. While my liberal career politician opponent, Paul Davis, has proudly embraced Nancy Pelosi’s radical agenda and has in turn been showered with over $2 million in outside liberal interest group spending, conservatives like President Trump are supporting me. I look forward to meeting President Trump on October 6th and sharing with him my plans to help deliver lower taxes, enhanced border security, and higher paychecks for 2nd District Residents.”

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