Sunday, September 16, 2018

Editorial: Changing Focus

by Kevin Surbaugh

Kevin Surbaugh (1994)
Two and a half years ago (closer to three-years), this town awoke to the news that the local newspaper was closing. Though the paper was not local, it was a print paper and it was ours. That pride was shattered, with the announcement. That disappointment was short-lived, however. That same day, the news became public, a middle-aged man who studied Communications (Journalism) at Washburn University stood up and said, we can't have this, and launched an online newspaper.  The publication quickly jumped to an average of a hundred a day.  A position it maintained. At times it averaged a hundred-fifty, but the over-all average never dropped below the one-hundred per day.  The readership was there, but the widespread support was not. Still, the publication persevered and strived to bring the community the news.   In some aspect, at great financial difficulties.
Last week, a new print paper launched.  That paper which is free also, appeared in our mailboxes this past Tuesday. As the publisher of the Gazette, I support Vern Brown and the Baldwin City Community News.  It had been my hope to give him the Gazette name, as we worked to together,
but I didn't hear from him.  That is okay though, I look forward to seeing the new paper strive and flourish.  I still hope to work with him in some compacity. 
Future of the Gazette
As for the Gazette, we will still be around.  The focus will be a little different. Still providing the news, the Gazette will have a more statewide focus. With coverage of politics, government, business and of course college sports (especially Baker). With the contacts, I have made over the last thirty-years I hope to have more in-depth interviews with the people who govern us or hope to.
As we move forward, the Gazette will simply be the Baldwin Gazette.  Acknowledging our Baldwin City roots, while also acknowledging our forward move towards serving the statewide community. 

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