Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Fitzgerald Denounces Liberal Republican Watkins Again.

Kevin Surbaugh

Second District candidate Steve Watkins is receiving millions from Washington D.C. Dark Money PACs.
"Watkins is the Washington D.C. swamp's choice to replace Lynn Jenkins" said Lt. Col. Fitzgerald. "The swamp is using their dark money to stack the deck for the establishment candidate Watkins."
Recent FEC Filings indicate recently formed Patriotic American's PAC (FEC #C00637009) received $600,000 from Citizens for a Strong America Inc (FEC #C00636977). Both PACs have Ruth Rochelle Stoner listed as their treasurer on their FEC filings. Patriotic American's PAC has only been active in Kansas's 2nd District Republican Primary. These PACs are affiliated with No Labels an anti-Tea Party group that helped stop Rep. Tim Huelskamp from being reelected.
(Please note there are two PACS with the name Citizens for a Strong America Inc. One is affiliated with the Koch brothers and is not the one discussed in this press release.)
24 and 48-hour reports from Patriotic Americans PAC show $40,000 in supporting independent expenditures for Steve Watkins on the FEC website.
Steve Fitzgerald
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh

Citizens for a Strong America's raw FEC filings show they recently contributed the $600,000 to Patriotic Americans PAC and additional $400,000 to No Labels Action, Inc. During South Dakota's Republican primary this cycle Citizens For A Strong America Inc spent $310,776 opposing conservative South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs. A story from the Rapid City Journal highlights the connections between the PACs treasurer Ruth Rochelle Stoner and No Labels. The story was written before intertwining contributions were made between the groups.
No Labels seeks to elect moderate candidates from both political parties by supporting them during primaries.
Republican candidate Steve Watkins previously attempted to run as a Moderate Democrat candidate in the same district according to a recent Kansas City Star story. The KC Star also reported Watkins had recently sent a misleading mailer that insinuated President Trump had endorsed him.
"They had to set up a brand new PAC [Patriotic Americans] to protect their Trojan horse candidate Watkins" said Lt. Col. Fitzgerald. "They were afraid to show their true intentions by showing who they are and what they intend to do".
Watkins father is the sole donor and operator of a PAC with over $400,000 in media buys according to the FEC. His father's PAC has recently begun attacking local media as "Fake News".
Fitzgerald has repeatedly denounced Watkins for failing to vote his entire life, misleading voters about his stance on the issues, misleading voters and the media about his attempt to run as a Democrat, and other things.

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