Monday, August 6, 2018

Editorial: August Primary is August 7

by Kevin Surbaugh     

Election day is upon us. As voters all over Baldwin City, Eudora, and all of Douglas County head to the polls there are those that have already voted. According to Jamie Shew, of the Douglas County Clerks office, there were 2,864 votes cast in advance voting countywide, of which 99 were cast in the four precincts that make up the Baldwin City/Vinland area.  For those that haven't made it out to vote yet, I encourage to get out there and cast your ballots in the Democratic or Republican primaries. As those voters head to the polls, we at the Baldwin City Gazette will be paying attention the results.  We will be live tweeting the results as election results come in tonight.  In particular, we will be paying attention to the crowded race for Governor in both parties.  In addition, we will be looking at the results of the contentious race for the Republican ticket for second district Congress. 
The two candidates that seem to be the front-runners are Steve Watkins of Topeka, a man we have learned, was not even registered to vote until just before he announced his campaign for Congress. A man, who campaigns as a conservative, who supported Donald Trump for President, yet he wasn't even registered to vote until last year. The same candidate, who, according to Shawnee County Democratic officials in Topeka, say met with them about a potential run as a Democrat before he announced his campaign as a Republican.  Someone that has never held or run for elected office before.
 The other candidate that is considered to be a front-runner, Caryn Tyson, of Parker. Someone that; as I have many of the other candidates, I have known for many years. Her husbands family and I went to the same high school.  I helped to some extent with her father-in-law's campaign for the state Senate seat she now holds. She has been endorsed by the Kansas Farm Bureau, President Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, who is a native of Kansas, the National Right to Life, Kansans for Life, National Association of Realtors, Kansas Realtors PAC, the Madison Project, the Susan B Anthony List, and Maggie's List. 

  She has the proven leadership having served in the Kansas House from 2010 to 2012 when she was elected to the State Senate and reelected in 2016.  With her impressive list of endorsements coupled with that experience, she is the candidate to vote for in tomorrows important election. 

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