Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Barnett Receives Newspaper Endorsements from Across the State

Press Release

Topeka-- Former State Sen. Jim Barnett said Wednesday his campaign for the Republican nomination for governor continues to gain momentum with the editorial endorsement of newspapers from across the state.
Jim Barnett
Jim Barnett (file photo)
He said the Wichita Eagle, Garden City Telegram, Scott County Record, Dodge City Globe, Pratt Tribune, Ottawa Herald, St John News and Kiowa County Signal have written editorials endorsing him as the correct choice for the party’s nomination. “What’s rewarding to me is that these endorsements are coming from locations throughout Kansas,” Barnett said. He attributed part of the momentum to the 84,000- plus miles he and his running mate and wife, Rosie Hansen, have driven while crisscrossing Kansas “to meet and greet the folks who make up this great state.” Barnett said the Eagle’s endorsement was particularly on point with his campaign when the Eagle declared:

“Barnett has aspirational ideas to help the state to continue to escape the doldrums of the Brownback tax cut years.”
“That’s what I’m talking about,” Barnett said. “The bottom line is that each of these respected community newspapers have come to the same conclusion that we have: Both Jeff Colyer and Kris Kobach are simply not electable in both the primary, and especially in the general election,” Barnett said.
“Colyer is not an alternative to Kobach,” he said, “but a mirror image who is equally beholden to the far-right of the Kansas GOP. For example, Colyer’s handlers—the same black water forces who backed Sam Brownback—have brought Kansas to the brink of electing Kobach, a lawyer who continues to cost Kansans millions in attorney fees.”

Barnett said the Garden City Telegram put it this way:
“The winner could ease the path to the same irresponsibility we saw from former Gov. Sam Brownback. Or, voters have the opportunity to select a Republican who’s calm, thoughtful and ready to fix problems.”
“With a farm background and career helping others as a physician, Jim Barnett embraces traditional Kansas values,” the Telegram opined.

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