Sunday, August 26, 2018

Baker University partners with Pearson Education

Baker University Press Release

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS — Baker University announces its unique partnership with Pearson Education, one of the nation’s largest publishing companies, to provide students access to an exclusive, digital environment for eBooks, online tutoring, career support and more.
The exclusive program, Baker 360°, is the only Pearson partnership of its kind to provide a single online resource serving a student’s needs from the first day of class to graduation. The student-centered environment can be easily accessed both inside and outside the classroom. The Baker 360° platform offers a more holistic approach to education by providing online access to eBooks, eLabs, tutoring, essay review, and assistance with resume and cover letters all at the students’ fingertips. This is available to students from the very first day of class, and the cost is included in their tuition and fees.
Baker students come from diverse backgrounds and pursue higher education for a variety of reasons, and the university is committed to their educational success within a single online environment. Baker 360° makes that success more affordable and convenient for all students.
“This is a great opportunity for our students,” said Interim Dean of the School of Professional and Graduate Studies Dr. Emily Ford. “So often, students will spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks or go without the material if they can’t afford it. We want our students to succeed without worrying about the financial burden of course materials. Baker 360° ensures that every one of our students has what they need for success at Baker and beyond.” 
Course materials and career guidance are just a part of Baker’s efforts to support students during their education. As a part of the partnership with Pearson, tutoring is available to students 24/7 for every class.
“It’s a service that can work for students throughout their time at Baker,” Ford said. “They can receive help on an assignment for a challenging course or career assistance when writing their resume. It fits each student and their unique needs.”
In addition to eBooks, tutoring, and career support, Baker 360° also provides eLab capabilities as a supplement to class instruction. This allows instructors to provide students more individual, personalized instruction.
“We're looking forward to working with Baker University. We are collaborating with an increasing number of institutions to establish an effective and sustainable affordability model that helps control the overall cost of education and delivers equitable, immediate access to learning materials for all students," said Tom Malek, senior vice president of partnerships at Pearson.

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