Sunday, July 15, 2018

Kobach Says KU Insults Taxpayers With Desicrated Flag

Press Release

Kansas Gubernatorial Candidate Kris Kobach
Kris Kobach (File Photo)
TOPEKA  - Secretary of State and candidate for Governor Kris Kobach reiterated his demand that the University of Kansas, remove a desecrated American flag from display at a taxpayer-funded institution. He was the first state official to demand the defiled flag be taken down.

Four hours after Kobach's request, Gov. Colyer joined him in calling for the university to remove the display. Later that afternoon, the Governor declared victory, saying that he had solved the problem. However, two days later, KU Chancellor Doug Girod and interim provost Carl Lejuez released a statement reaffirming their "full commitment to ensuring the exhibit remains."

"Colyer declared victory based on his persuasive power on the phone, but the flag is still on display on campus. They just moved it indoors. That's not good enough," Kobach said. "KU played the Governor for a fool."

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