Sunday, July 8, 2018

Celebrate, Celebrate, Our Country is 242 Years Old

Kevin Surbaugh

Every year we celebrate our Nations's Independence with picnics, parades, and fireworks.  This year while local Baldwin Citians spent their holiday celebrating with fireworks, the public display wasn't until Saturday, July 7.  Still, though the day was packed with fun. In Baldwin City, residents enjoyed flags placed in their yards by local Scout troop 65.  Then in the afternoon, many area residents flocked to the pool for free admittance and free hot dogs.
Fourth of July celebrations included grilling and barnequing for many area residents.
Grilled burgers were a big part of area Fourth of July
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh
Those in attendance swam, ate and played games.  There were people of all ages participating. Some took turns diving off the diving board,  while some formed a conga line, and others did the limbo. There was something for pretty much everyone to enjoy while they were at the pool. Elsewhere, in the city, there were barbeques. Throughout the city and the day, the succulent smell of the barbeque grills being fired up could be smelled. At one area cookout, Pat Surbaugh said,
"The food is great,"
as she munched on here hamburger and baked beans. At this particular get together, attendees also enjoyed volleyball, a horseshoe type game (with beanbags rather than horseshoes), a wading pool for the kids, and even some fireworks throughout the evening. In the absence of a public fireworks display on the Fourth this year in Baldwin City, residents wishing to catch a fireworks show went to Lawrence or Gardner.

Baldwin City Pool, Fourth of July celebration in pictures:

Celebrating the Nation's birthday with hotdogs and free swimming at the City Pool.
Abby Ogle, Baldwin City grills the hotdogs at the Baldwin
City Pool during the pools Independence Day free day.
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh

Celebrating Independence Day with a free hot dog on the 4th of July.
Linda Verbeke enjoys a hotdog during the Independence Day celebration at the Baldwin City Pool.
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh

How low can you go?  It's limbo time!
Vance Pringle, age 12, Baldwin City does the limbo at the
Baldwin City Pool on Independence Day.
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh

Diving is always a fun activity at the swimming pool.
Brodee Oehlhert, age 10, Baldwin City shows his diving skills
at the Baldwin City Pool during the pools Independence Day celebration.
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh

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