Monday, July 16, 2018

Candidates Vying for Your Vote for Governor

Kevin Surbaugh

These are the candidates for Kansas Governor in the 2018 race.  The candidates are broken up into their respective parties and are listed alphabetically, within that framework. In the coming weeks, we will be publishing their responses to a questionnaire, some of whom agreed to sit down for a face to face interview. Video of any face to face interviews will also be published. Candidates who answered the Gazette's candidate questionnaire will be hyperlinked.  However, only the Republicans and Democrats were asked at this time.  Libertarians and Independents will be included in the next round of questioning, after the primary.

The candidates in the August 7, 2018, Democratic Primary are as follows:

Arden Andersen, Olathe
          Running mate: Dale Cowsert, Overland Park
**Did Not Respond**

Jack Bergeson, (school student), Whichta
         Running mate: Alexander Cline
**Did Not Respond**

Carl Brewer, Wichita
        Running mate: Chris Morrow, Gardner
***Click the blue hyperlink to see responses***

Laura Kelly, Topeka
          Running mate: Lynn Rogers, Wichita
***Click the blue hyperlink to see responses***

Josh Svaty, Ellsworth
         Running mate: Katrina Lewison, Manhattan
***Click the blue hyperlink to see responses***

The candidates in the August 7, 2018, Republican Primary are as follows:

Jim Barnett, Topeka
       Running mate: Rosemary Hansen, Topeka
***Click the blue hyperlink to see responses***

Jeff Colyer, Hays
       Running mate: Tracey Mann, Salina
***Click the blue hyperlink to see responses***

Kris Kobach, Topeka
       Running mate: Wink Hartman, Wichita
**Did Not Respond**

Ken Selzer, Fairway
       Running mate: Jenifer Sanderson, Goodland
**Did Not Respond**

Patrick Kucera, Leawood
       Running mate: Patricia Reitz, Shawnee
**Did Not Respond**

Tyler Ruzich,  (high school student)   Shawnee Mission
       Running mate: Phillip Clemente, (high school student) Goodland
**Did Not Respond**


Jeff Caldwell, Leawood
       Running mate: Mary Gerlt, Kansas City


Richard Kloos, Topeka
       Running mate: Nathaniel Kloos, Berryton

Todd Mitchell, Topeka
       Running mate:

Greg Orman, Olathe
       Running mate: John Doll, Garden City

Write in Candidates

Aaron Coleman, Overland Park
       Running mate:

William Stofer, Wichita
       Running mate: Frederick W. Carlock, Wichita

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