Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Barnett Receives Endorsement of Teachers Group

Candidates for Governor stop in Baldwin City
Jim Barnett and Rosie Hansen in an interview at Ferme du Cygne
in Baldwin City.
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh
Topeka (Press Release) – Jim Barnett, candidate for the Republican nomination for governor,
announced today he has received the endorsement of the American Federation of
Teachers-Kansas (AFT-Kansas), a consortium of employee groups of teachers, nurses,
and workers in higher education institutions.
“In addition, AFT-Kansas also has city, county and state employee members
in all 105 counties” Barnett said. “The endorsement seems especially significant to me
at this point in our campaign in light of the fact that my two main opponents, Colyer
and Kobach, are spending their time and resources accusing each other of lying and
crawling over each other to appear the most pro-gun, pro-life and anti-immigrant,”
Barnett stated.
“We believe Republicans in Kansas have had more than enough of listening to
dirty politics. We seek the support of informed Kansas Republicans who will vote on
the basis of past performance in public office, including my record in the Kansas
Senate where I proudly represented the people of Kansas and the 17th Senatorial
District in particular,” Barnett said.
Employee unions affiliated with AFT include the Kansas Organization of State
Employees (KOSE), United Teachers of Wichita, City of Topeka Employees Union,
WSU Employees Union, PSU Employees Union, KSU Employees Union, KU Graduate
Teaching Assistants Coalition, Three Lakes Educational Cooperative, Kansas
University Nurses Association, Saline County Association of Public Employees, and the
University Police Employees Association.
Barnett said the AFT advised him that “our values on issues important to
working Kansans are in alignment.”
The AFT said in their letter advising Barnett and his lieutenant governor
designee, Rosie Hansen, that the KAPE Committee on Political Education, the group’s
political action committee is
“happy to offer our voting recommendation for your
success in the upcoming Republican primary elections for Governor/Lt. Governor for
the State of Kansas”.
“We are grateful for you seeking the noble office of public service. This will be
an exciting election and we look forward to working with you in the near future,” 
the AFT letter concluded.

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