Sunday, June 10, 2018

Baldwin City Blues Dominate Liberty Monarchs

Kevin Surbaugh

Number ten, Blake Van Hercke throws a strike, ending
the bottom of the second, in Saturday's game against the
Liberty Monarchs.
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh
In a three-game homestand against the Liberty Monarchs, the Blues prevailed in clinching the series three games to zero.  However, the third and final game of the series was the most impressive.  The series got started on Thursday night with the Blues winning a narrow victory of 3-2.  Friday night, they increased that spread 6-2, but on Saturday night the Blues only played five innings with the largest and most impressive lead of the season.
Saturday nights game got started with the Monarch's quickly getting on the board with a 2-1 lead over the Blues in the first inning. However, that would be the only time the Monarch's would get on the board in what would end up being a high scoring game.  While the Blues failed to score during the first inning, they got on the board in a big way during the second inning.  Mostly from walks. Liberty's number five, Tommy Conner, threw balls after ball, walking several Blues players, however number eleven, Steven Lozano of Anaheim, CA was struck in the leg by one Conner's pitches. It wasn't all walks though, some runs were derived from actual hits, as number seven Ryan Wetzel, hit a fly ball that put him on third base and brought in two more runners, increasing their lead to 5-2. Later in the inning number twenty-three hit another triple Brady Boyd, Olathe, hit another triple, which increased their lead to 7-2.  When the second inning concluded, the Blues had secured a lead of 9-2.
The final score was 15-2.

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