Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Gubnertorial Candidate Jim Barnett Praises Legislative Action Funding Schools

Press Release

Jim Barnett
TopekaJim Barnett, former state senator and current candidate for governor, on Monday (March 30, 2018) praised the legislature for adopting a school funding package that will infuse approximately $525 million into the state school finance fund.

"I am particularly excited to see this contentious issue behind us so that Kansas can move forward to provide for our most needed resource, our children. I know this legislation resulted only from long hours of discussion and often consternation by some members of the legislature," he said.

A longtime supporter of education, Barnett said he is mindful that the legislation must still meet the approval of the Supreme Court, which ordered the funding in a lawsuit that challenged the fairness and adequacy of the existing school finance formula.

"I also have been very dubious of a plan by some members of the legislature, who instead of providing for suitable funding mandated by the Constitution and Supreme Court, would write the kids out of the constitution through a hastily conceived referendum," Barnett said.

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