Sunday, May 13, 2018

Governor Colyer Signs 27 Bills into Law

Press Release

Topeka – Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer, M.D. signed the following bills into law this past week:

  1. Senate Bill No. 180: Allows law enforcement agencies to request and receive files concerning applicants previously employed by another state or local agency.
  2. Senate Bill No. 260: Transfers responsibility for procuring and administering the Statewide Single Audit from Legislative Post Audit to the Department of Administration; authorizes additional audits.
  3. Senate Bill No. 266: Amends the Sexually Violent Predator Act.
  4. House Sub for Senate Bill No. 336: Amends laws related to public records regarding child fatalities, police body and vehicle cameras, and personal identification information.
  5. House Bill No. 2129: Exempts division of legislative post audit from the monumental building surcharge.
  6. House Bill No. 2194: Permits lottery ticket vending machines and bingo ticket vending machines.
  7. Senate Sub for Senate Sub for House Bill No. 2386: Requires occupational licensing bodies to create a list of disqualifying factors for obtaining certain licenses and certificates. 
  8. House Bill No. 2438: Amends SB 260 (see above) to change a date of implementation.
  9. House Bill No. 2523: Amends definition of unlawful sexual intercourse to include law enforcement officers engaged in traffic stops, custodial interrogations, interviews, etc.; amends qualifications for the position of sheriff.
  10. Senate Sub for House Bill No. 2556: Establishes the State Interoperability Advisory Committee.
  11. House Bill No. 2571: Repeals the existing Uniform Arbitration Act and replaces it with the Uniform Arbitration Act of 2000.
  12. House Bill No. 2642: Clarifies and strengthens campaign and election laws. 
  13. Senate Bill No. 217: Updates certain statutory references relating to the Kansas Department for aging and disability services and the Kansas Department for children and families
  14. Senate Bill No. 261: Amends provisions concerning state agency duties regarding docket fees, marriage licenses, the regulation of scrap metal, the Crime Victims Compensation Board, and transfer of the duty to appoint an appraiser.
  15. Senate Substitute for Senate Bill No. 272: Amends the Uniform Act Regulating Traffic on Highways regarding the passing of waste collection vehicles.
  16. House Substitute for Senate Bill No. 307: Amends the Kansas Amusement Ride Act.
  17. Senate Bill No. 310: Changes the effective date of SB 307 and adds additional definition
  18. Senate Bill No. 328: Prohibits the outsourcing or privatization of any operations or facilities of any correctional institution or juvenile correctional facility; allows existing contracts to be renewed.
  19. Senate Bill No. 331: Adds the Flint Hills Trail State Park and Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park to the list of designated state parks.  
  20. Senate Bill No. 335: Includes savings and loan associations and savings banks in the state banking code and repeals the savings and loan code.
  21. Senate Bill No. 348: Authorizes electronic delivery as the standard method of delivery for certain health insurance related documents and requires the State Employees Health Care Commission to provide coverage for amino acid-based elemental formula, as specified.
  22. Senate Bill No. 375: Designates the names of certain state highways.
  23. House Bill No. 2511: Makes commercial driver's licenses renewable every five years.
  24. House Bill No. 2549: Modifies procedures for judicial determinations of defendant's competency and commitment for treatment.
  25. House Bill No. 2577: Creates the Kansas right-to-know fee fund.
  26. House Bill No. 2583: Reforms regulations and procedures regarding the control and eradication of noxious weeds in the state of Kansas
  27. Senate Substitute for HB 2028: “Kansas Telemedicine Act”, which formally defines “telemedicine” as live, real-time, two-way audio-video communications, while explicitly excluding e-mails, phone conversations, and faxes from the definition. It also outlines privacy requirements and forbids insurers from denying coverage for a service solely because it is provided via telemedicine.
The Governor has now signed 97 bills into law this session. By law, the Kansas Governor has 10 calendar days to sign bills into law, veto bills or allow bills to become law without his signature.

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