Thursday, May 17, 2018

Baldwin City Council Discusses Business Registration

Kevin Surbaugh

Mayor Casey Simoneau listens to thoughts on a
business registration.
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh
In its regular second meeting of May, the Baldwin City council made quick work of the agenda. A meeting in which the council, meet for just a little over a half hour before adjourning into an executive session to discuss personnel matters.
During the brief meeting the council unanimously approved a resolution that would give the council time more time to request a bond to finance recent purchases, should it decide to. The resolution does not obligate the council one way or the other. Rather it sets a sixty-day window for a bond proposal should they decide to go that route.
 The biggest discussion of the night was regarding a proposal for a business registration. Something that previous councils have discussed in passing, but have not taken it any further. It is also something that the Baldwin City Chamber has requested. There was no ordinance on the table but was on the agenda to get the councils thoughts. Mayor Casey Simoneau suggested a ten or fifteen dollar registration fee. Such a registration would better assist the city in its "buy local" policy so that they know what businesses are in the local area. Simoneau said that this may not get every business, but it would help the city to be better aware of local businesses. He asked business owner Mike Bosch who was in the attendance at the meeting his thoughts. Bosch said, that he was a big fan of the "buy local" policy and that a ten dollar registration fee was "no big deal." He concurred that it would give the city an idea of who is local in town.
The council; mostly supportive of the idea, will move forward with instructing staff to draft an ordinance for the next council meeting, which will be June 5. 

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