Sunday, April 15, 2018

Kobach and Selzer Take Jabs at Colyer in GOP Debate

Kevin Surbaugh

Atchison, KS - Three of the eight remaining gubernatorial candidates on the GOP ticket, debated in the second debate. All three of the candidates on stage already hold a statewide office. Those candidates were Governor Jeff Colyer, Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Insurance Ken Selzer. The stated topic for the debate on this night was education. Governor Jeff at one point said that there has been ten Governors, five Democrats and five Republicans that has been under the gun of appropriations litigation. Saying it has to end, he announced, that he was going to sign
a bill the week of April 16 that will begin that process.
Three of the eight Republican candidates for Governor
debated in Atchison on Friday night as severe storms loomed
over Douglas County.
photographer Kevin Surbaugh
Kobach in a remark aimed at the Governor said,
“If you pay a king’s ransom, which over $500 million bucks is a king’s ransom, you are not going to solve the problem,” Kobach said. “The next day another lawsuit will be filed demanding another ransom. You can’t live in a fantasy world where if we just keep paying, we just keep coughing up the money. The plaintiffs will never say there’s enough.”  
Kobach said he would stop spending money on what he referred to as "Taj Mahal size buildings" and administration. Citing that for every $200,000 we give a school district, $50,000 goes to teacher salaries, $50,000 towards books and supplies while $100,000 goes to fund oversized, elaborate buildings and administrative salaries. Something he says must end.
Responding to reporter questions after the debate, regarding the attacks on him, Colyer said that he doesn't scream shout, instead, he gets results. He further told reporters,
“I’m governor and if people want to attack, that’s fine. It’s an honor to serve the great state of Kansas." 
As the debate proceeded Selzer said, that kids are coming to school more often, not ready. They haven't learned to read, add or write. "We have to have a government that champions accomplishments. We have to get more value for our dollars," he told the packed room at the Atchison Event Center.
He also said that fifty-five (55) percent of college graduates in Kansas are gone after five-years. That translates into less revenue for the state.
Kobach elicited the biggest round of applause for the night, when he said, Of

Another Candidate Jim Barnett, was present in the room, but was not on the stage,  “citing that the GOP debate agreement  limits who can ask questions and what kind of questions can be asked, Barnett told the Gazette in a phone interview in the week leading up to the debate, he said that the press should be asking the questions. Another issue, the agreement blocks candidates from participating in the debate if they did not for in the last gubernatorial (2014) election, Barnett said.

The complete list of Current GOP Candidates for Governor
(Names in bold did not participate in this or the previous debate)
  1.  Jeff Colyer, incumbent Governor    Running mate: Tracey Mann, incumbent Lieutenant Governor
  2.  Kris Kobach, Secretary of State of Kansas  Running mate: Wink Hartman, businessman     
  3. Ken Selzer, Kansas Insurance Commissioner
  4. Joseph Tutera Jr., (Mission Hills) high school student
  5. Jim Barnett, former State Senator, nominee for Governor in 2006 and candidate for KS-01 in 2010
  6. Andy Maskin, New York resident and emerging technology specialist  Running Mate: Scott Goodwin     
  7. Tyler Ruzich, (Shawnee Mission) high school student     
  8. Dominic Scavuzzo, (Leawood) high school student 


  1. What is missing here? "Kobach elicited the biggest round of applause for the night, when he said, Of (??????????????????)

    Another Candidate Jim Barnett, was present in the room, but was not on the stage"

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