Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Governor Colyer Signs School Funding Bill into Law; Calls on Legislature to Fix Error

Press Release

TOPEKA –  Governor Colyer today signed Sub. Senate Bill 423, appropriating an increase of more than $500 million in K-12 funding over the next five years, at a ceremony at Seaman High School in Topeka. The bill, which aims to provide adequate and equitable funding for all Kansas schools, was passed by the legislature moments before they adjourned their regular session in early April.
“Kansas wants to lead the way in education,” said the Governor. “I’m very proud to sign this legislation as it means more money in the classroom, more accountability measures and a focus on student outcomes. Most importantly, it keeps our schools open without raising taxes on hardworking Kansas families.”
The Governor also called on the Legislature to fix the error that inadvertently decreased expenditures to schools by $80 million. “It’s important that we get this right,” said the Governor.
Governor Colyer was joined by several legislators including president of the Seaman School Board, Chairman Fred Patton, and Representative Brenda Dietrich.
The Governor has now signed 57 bills into law this session. By law, the Kansas governor has 10 calendar days to sign bills into law, veto bills or allow bills to become law without his signature.

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