Monday, April 2, 2018

April Fool's it's Easter

Kevin Surbaugh

 This year Easter was on April 1st or if you will April Fool's Day. So, when was the last time the two days coincided?  Looking back in American history and starting the search in the eighteenth century, it has been determined that Since 1700 Easter has only fallen on April 1st twelve times. Yes, only twelve times.  Those years were 1714, 1725, 1736, 1804, 1866, 1877, 1888, 1923, 1934, 1945, 1956, and of course this year 2018.
Sleet and some snow fell across the area on Easter
Sunday in what seemed to be an April Fool's joke.
Kevin Surbaugh
 It will only occur twice more in the twenty-first century, 2029 and 2040.
This year, however, it seems that Mother Nature was getting in on the April Fool's Day pranks.  The weather for the Spring holiday, when people make a point of wearing new spring clothing and women don those beautiful white bonnets, was anything but spring-like.  Temperatures were in the thirties with snow and sleet fell across the area. 

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