Monday, March 19, 2018

Search for Unclaimed Property in Baldwin City

Kevin Surbaugh

Jessica Schleif (left) and Kathy Priest from the Kansas
Treasurer's Office help Baldwin City residents locate lost property
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh
Kansas State Treasurer Jake Laturner and members of his office were in Baldwin City to let citizens of Baldwin City know about the unclaimed property division his office administers. According to Laturner, his office has over $350 million in unclaimed property. Laturner said that most of the property is in cash.  Cash that may have been left in forgotten bank accounts, stock, bonds, insurance premium overpayments, refunds, abandoned safe deposit boxes and other property. The office will hold onto the property for a while, in their safes version of safety deposit boxes. However, they only have so much space and eventually, it may be sold and the cash will then be help until such time they find the proper owner or heir.
The Treasurer's office released their top ten list for Baldwin City.
  1. Cedar Ridge Petroleum
  2. Vernon Dwight Michael Trust
  3. Matthew and Michell Barnds
  4.  Inner City Framers Inc
  5. Minnie Carpino
  6. Robert L. Janesko
  7. Albert Peck
  8. Edward E. and Florence Hendrix
  9. Arthur D. and Katherine W. Horner
  10. Leon F. Rockers
To find out if you or your family have unclaimed property, Laturner said you can visit them online at
The Treasurer's office also administers the states "529"  college savings program and the Kansas Able Savings, which allows those with disabilities to have assets and set aside up to $14,000 a year in special accounts without affecting their eligibility for Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid or other government programs.

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