Sunday, March 4, 2018

Department of Revenue launches campaign to raise awareness of Real ID

Press Release

TOPEKA—The Department of Revenue is launching a new marketing campaign designed to educate Kansans about how to get a Real ID before the October 1, 2020 federal implementation date.

The campaign, which started Wednesday, will focus on reaching Kansans through social media advertising to spread awareness of the option of obtaining a Real ID.

“We want to put this in front of people so that when they get the postcard in the mail reminding them to renew, they’ll be prepared with all the documents they need when they go in to the office,” Director of Vehicles David Harper said. “Our goal is for everyone who comes into our office to have a smooth and efficient experience.”

Real ID is a federal law designed to establish minimum security standards for state-issued IDs. State-issued identification used to board a plane or enter a federal facility on October 1, 2020 will have to be compliant with Real ID standards.

Kansans who want a Real ID should bring in proof of social security, such as an unlaminated social security card, or a paystub or W-2 with the full social security number displayed. In addition, an original birth certificate or valid U.S. passport is required.

Anyone whose name is not the same on all of their documents will need to bring in proof of the name change, such as a marriage or adoption certificate.

“We understand the frustration of some who’ve come in the last months and want a Real ID but don’t have the needed documents with them,” Harper said. “We’re working to ease the transition into the new federal law and help people have the best experience possible when they come into the office.”

The Department of Revenue partnered with Trozzolo Communications Group to create and purchase social media advertising. Further efforts will place information about Real ID in libraries and other community locations, to reach a cross-section of people. Other avenues to spread awareness are also in the works.

“Our highest priority is quality service whenever anyone interacts with the Division of Vehicles, so we are always open to new ideas to make that happen,” Harper said.

Real ID is an option. Anyone who prefers not to obtain a Real ID still has the option of receiving a credential that states it is “Not for Federal ID,” though still usable as an ID in the state of Kansas.

Anyone who needs to conduct a transaction at the driver’s license offices in MissionOlatheWyandotteAndoverWichitaDerbyTopeka, or Manhattan can get in line online using the automated QFlow system. Visit

For more information about Real ID, including a checklist of documents to bring into the office, please visit

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