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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Calls for Calm After a Dog was Shot

Kevin Surbaugh

 Monday afternoon reports of the shooting of a dog began to fill the Citizens for the Future of Baldwin City Facebook page. Mostly heated and without fact, Baldwin City Chief of Police Greg Neis posted a statement around 8:30 p.m. to present some of the facts.  This resulted in calm in the online community. According to Chief Neis' statement, the incident occurred in the 1400 block of High Street, when around 3:35 p.m., the Baldwin City Police Department responded to a 911 call from a complainant, who said he was unable to get out of his car and get into his home due to "an aggressive pit bull" that was jumping up on his car door.
An officer responded about five minutes later, around 3:40 p.m. finding the dog in the front yard. The Officer was able to get to the front door of the residence but was unable to contact anyone there. Retrieving a catch pole from his patrol vehicle he attempted to capture the dog, at which time according to Chief Neis the dog charged the officer aggressively.  It was at this point the officer shot the dog twice to stop the attack.  After which time the dog retreated back to the front porch of its owner's residence, but would not allow anyone close to it so that it could be captured. Companion Animal Hospital was called to assist in capturing the dog. A second officer was able to distract the dog long enough to get the pole on and restrain it. Doctor Tim Jones was then able to administer a sedative to the dog and transported it to the clinic. Where it was treated for its wounds. The owner, who Chief Neis identified as Caleb Collins was cited for dog at large, no city tag and harboring a dangerous dog.  The dog, according to Nies said that the dog will be released back to its owner pending a May first appearance in municipal court.
In a separate statement, another family member, Bev Beardsley, asked everyone to stop the hate, saying, "Lord knows there is plenty of that in this world." In her statement, she said that she knows both officers involved and that neither of them are horrible people and that both officers have always treated their family with respect. The family does not believe there was any malicious agenda.  Her heart, she said, goes out to the officer that shot their family dog, she called Chief.  Her family does not support any of malicious comments that have been made on Facebook throughout the week. After comments from both sides, things calmed down.


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