Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Healthcare Helping Kansas City Homelessness by Donating Building to Hope Faith Ministries

Press Release

Leawood, KS – One5, the private charitable foundation established by NueHealth and Nueterra Capital, today announced that in conjunction with two other philanthropic donors, it will donate a permanent home to Hope Faith Ministries. Hope Faith Ministries provides outreach services to the homeless, and it had rented the building located at 705 Virginia Avenue in the Paseo West neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri for the past 5 years. With this donation, Hope Faith Ministries will be ensured a permanent home at no additional cost. "We are pleased to be able to support this incredible ministry to serve the homeless of the Kansas City area," said Dan Tasset, Chairman of NueHealth and Nueterra Capital.

One5 through the partnerships with Hope Faith Ministries, Global Orphan Project, Destiny House, Solventas Surgical Alliance, as well as other partner charities, is able to reach and serve our intended audience: men, women and children. Hope Faith Ministries is a Christian ministry located in downtown Kansas City that serves as an equipping day center for the homeless. Global Orphan Project is a nonprofit organization that cares for children and families in crisis on an international scale. Destiny House is a twelve month, faith-based program founded to help women who are looking for an opportunity to escape from and reestablish their lives outside of the sex industry. Solventas Surgical Alliance is a U.S. based nonprofit that provides capital to local surgeons who are struggling to earn a living in their home country or who are currently practicing abroad and wish to return. Various other partner charities, similarly, look to provide mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social support for those in need.

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