Sunday, January 21, 2018

Congressional Candidate Issues Statement Regarding Government Shutdown

Press Release

(PARKER, KS) – Caryn Tyson, a Kansas State Senator running for the Kansas Second Congressional District seat being vacated by Lynn Jenkins, released the following statement today regarding the government shutdown:

Offical Photo:
State Senator Caryn Tyson
Candidate for 2nd District Congress
“The government shutdown highlights the stakes in this race. Electing a Democrat in Kansas’ second district and putting Nancy Pelosi in charge of the House will guarantee more of the same dysfunction and paralysis.”

“Democrats are blocking pay for military families and holding health insurance for children hostage in order to protect Obama-era amnesty policies. That is unconscionable. Kansans want real reform, not weak borders and illegal amnesty. They want a leader who will defend President Reagan’s vision for a ‘Shining City on Hill’ that includes a city with walls and doors. Democrats reject that balance in favor of ideologically extreme policies that undermine our economic and national security.”

“Washington Democrats need to be stopped, not reinforced. As your next representative, I’ll represent Kansas values, not the values of an extreme Democratic Party, that is hopelessly out of touch with our district and state.”

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