Monday, October 2, 2017

Youngevity Now Offers Services

Kevin Surbaugh

Baldwin City, KS -- Baldwin City resident Kevin Surbaugh an Independent Distributor for  Youngevity International, (NASDAQ:  YGYI), told the Gazette that the direct sales company now is offering a number of services through a recently launched Service Division. These services will be offered individually and in various combinations to give both distributors and customers options price breaks. Surbaugh said, while he loves the health products, he is excited about all the service options that are now available.
Youngevity launched its Services Division last year through an acquisition of David Allen Capital which represents a variety of lenders providing capital to small businesses. Since being acquired by Youngevity in April of 2016 David Allen Capital has arranged $8 million of loans to small businesses throughout the United States. If you own a business and need a loan or credit processing check out the easy application process, even if others won't talk to you.
On the success of David Allen Capital, the services division quickly expanded into Telemedicine via the launch of Youngevity Telecare.  Their website touts big savings and the convenience of round-the-clock access to virtual doctor visits with U.S. board-certified doctors and pediatricians.
Have an actual video doctor appointment on your smart phone, computer or simply talk via your telephone. Prescriptions are even provided when appropriate.
 Check out TeleCare today.
You can even get a free Rx card that will help you save up to 85% on Prescription drug prices. One user named Howard reported that he checked pricing for one prescription at his local Walmart and
found it was  $240 for a one-month supply with no insurance,  $45 for a one-month supply through Medicare Advantage and $50 for a three-month supply with the Rx card. While results may vary, it is easy to see that you could save big, Sometimes even more than with insurance You can print a digital Rx Card here.

Just click the print here button on the page.

Youngevity Cart Ripple is an app based shopping assistant that allows its users to earn cash back while fin (but not always).ding the most economical prices online. If you shop online at all, you probably are looking for the best deal. With this app on your desktop browser or your mobile device, you can get cash back from many of trusted sites you already shop. Check out  Surbaugh said that while the cashback may not sound like a lot, it all adds up.  In many locations, the tollway only charges a quarter, which may not sound like a lot, but it adds up to millions for those locations.   If you shop online and would love to get cashback Surbaugh encourages you to check out CartRipple today.  The only to way to join is accept a referral or already be a Youngevity member.

Identity Theft
The Identity Theft product offers two levels of protection to help halt fraud before any real damage is done by detecting the harmful use of your personal information.  Even offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee towards restoration in the event a breach does occur. With the recent hack of Equifax, nearly half of all Americans have had their identity compromised, making this service all the more important to get, Surbaugh explained.

Roadside Assistance
Their Roadside offers emergency roadside service. According to their website, their professional network of dispatchers is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. All for only $159.99 per year compared to the $205 AAA charges. For more information.

Tech Support
According to their website, for a small annual fee, their tech support service is cheaper than that of Geek Squad. The service says that they have “Level 3” technicians standing by to help members save time with our “1 and Done” tech support solution for all of your technology devices.

The communication services are powered by Telegration to help prospective business customers to find the best deal in their area to meet their unique needs. For more information click here.

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