Sunday, October 15, 2017

Meet the Candidate - Peter Sexton

Candidate Questionnaire

Peter Sexton
Gazette: What sets you apart from other candidates? 
Sexton:     I have demonstrated integrity and reliability to the voting public in two states (OH and IL) by re-election to three positions within three different venues: Village Council, Village Trustee and Township Trustee. I am a fiscal conservative, preferring to save before we invest, and in all cases, evaluate carefully whether projects are needs vs wants. I have a great deal of respect for public expressions of support or opposition, but I urge all parties involved in any issue to hear and understand both points of view before judging the right or wrong of their concern. Volume does not make right any more than silence is a sign of concealment. Experience, in my case, 32 years, is a valuable aid to navigate the changing geography of government. I love where I live and I’m ready to serve!

Gazette: What aspects of your personal history, accomplishments, and personal philosophy make you the best possible choice in this election cycle? 
Sexton:   Career history includes, Advertising and Periodical Publishing, representing or employed by major national manufacturers including Baldwin Piano Co., General Electric (Co.) Aircraft Gas Turbine Div, Chrysler Corp, Formica Corp., Anchor Hocking Glass, Rust-Oleum Coatings, The Merchandise Mart (Chi), Condé Nast Publications and Simmons-Boardman Publications. 
With civic experience including having been active in local government in Mariemont, OH (ten years elected to Village Council) and Lake Bluff, IL eight years as Village Trustee, six years Village Clerk, four years Township Trustee and four years as a Commissioner on the Northeast IL Planning Commission serving incorporated and unincorporated areas of six counties in Greater Chicago. Total of 32 years of experience in local government.  Member of the Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce, serving on the Visitors Bureau, Senior Engagement Coordinating Council and the Mural Project.  Judge for Baldwin HS Future Business Leaders of America  Chairman, Board of Elders, Church of the Redeemer, Mettawa, IL; member, Christ Church, Lake Forest, IL and New Hope Fellowship, Lawrence, KS.

GazetteWhat do you see as the most important issue this election? 
Sexton:   Housing, Residential Tax Base, Consistent Enforcement of Planning & Zoning regulations, Improve Communication and Cooperative Activities of three groups: City Administration, Economic Development Corp. and Tourism Bureau. Areas of concern include (a) Aesthetics – Curb appeal, (b) Provision for temporary overnight accommodation of visitors and (c) Variety of price points attractive to both retirees and new family formations.

Gazette: What would you do to ensure the community you hope to represent is a livable community? 
Sexton:   Anticipated growth of both incorporated area and median age of residents, possibility of 12-15% for both categories. Availability of affordable housing and state of the national economy may also have significant impact on the demographic profile and the pace of change. Will retirees (both local agricultural and business professionals retreating from higher cost urban areas) compete with a younger audience seeking a small-town environment to raise a family? Will there be any significant changes in the commercial/industrial climate to accelerate or retard change in any category? Will Baldwin City and its school system have sufficient facilities and qualified staff to attract businesses to locate here and maintain a suitable balance of tax revenue base to accomplish affordable growth?

GazetteIf money were no obstacle, what is one project you’d like to see the city move forward on? 
Sexton:  No Response

Gazette: Polls show most voters don't think government works. What would you do to reform the underlying structures and systems that seem to be a major cause of the problem? 
Sexton: No Response

Gazette: Do you think eliminating obsolete laws, regulations (and bureaucracies) would help reduce wasteful spending in government? And if so, how would you do it? 
Sexton:  No Response

 Gazette: Do you think state and local civil service rules make it harder to cut wasteful spending and to efficiently manage public agencies? If so, what would you do about it? 
Sexton:   No Response

Gazette: What is your position on the Baldwin City Recreation Center?
Sexton: No Response

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