Monday, October 30, 2017

Author and Railroad Expert to Talk at Baldwin City Library

Kevin Surbaugh

 One hundred years ago this year the United States enter into World War One.  It was the first worldwide conflict of its kind.  This required mass mobilization like never before.  American railroads had to move troops, equipment ammunition and other supplies around the clock, twenty-four seven.
Image Courtesy of Rudy Daniels
An author and expert in the American railroads, Rudolph Daniels will be in Baldwin City on Monday, November 6, 2017.  According to profile, Daniels received his Ph. D. in Russian and Soviet Studies from the Pennsylvania State University in 1971.  Since which time, he has taught at colleges and universities in the United States and Germany.
His published works include numerous articles and five books. One of his books, Trains Across the Continent, a Complete History of U.S. and Canadian Railroads, was written at the request of the railroad industry and is considered the official account of our nation’s railroads.  Other books include Sioux City Railroads and Trains Across the Continent.
His latest book, The Great Railroad War, discusses “U.S. Railroads in World War One,” and is currently available at bookstores, Amazon or directly from Garbely Publishing. It is this book, that Daniels will be discussing at the Baldwin City Library on November 6.  Through Daniels deep knowledge of history and the railroads, in particular, we find out that the American Government took over and nationalized the railroads of the nation in 1918 and then relinquished them in 1920.  The nationalization was to ensure safety and peak operating efficiency during the war.
According to Bruce Eveland, of the Kansas Belle Dinner Train, Daniels is a member of the Midland Railway and has come to Baldwin City on numerous occasions just to ride the train.
 Daniels retired as Assistant Dean and Department Chair of Railroad Operations Technology at Western Iowa Tech Community College, in Sioux City, IA. In addition, he also created the educational portion of the Federal Railroad Administration’s website.
Daniels helped edit the professional Railway Atlas of the United States, and is a script consultant for a recent Public TV production of the “Orphan Trains”.
 According to his profile, his program is “U.S. Railroad Operations During World War I”, and it literally begins with a train call for Baldwin City as it happened all those years ago; "it will bring back memories to many people". Presenting the programs in an antique conductor’s uniform. Dr. Daniels eagerly accepts opportunities to speak on trains and railroads throughout the region.  His profile concludes with a brief story,
that when he was a child, Rudy, as he prefers to be called, could not decide whether he wanted to be a locomotive or caboose when he grew up. He still can’t decide. Nevertheless, he is currently known as the Mid-West’s “Super Conductor”.
He will also be signing books and all book sale proceeds will benefit the Baldwin City Library.  Reportedly Daniels is also in talks to make a presentation at the World War One Museum in Kansas City, however at this time that has not come to fruition.

U.S. Railroads in World War One
Date: November 6, 2017
Time: 6:30   P.M.
Location:  Baldwin City Library
Bring the children, yourself, spouse, railroad fans, and enthusiasts.

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