Monday, August 21, 2017

Former Green Beret Kevin Jones Announces Campaign for Congress

Press Release

WELLSVILLE – On August 17, 2017, State Representative Kevin Jones launched his campaign to seek the Republican nomination for Kansas’ Second Congressional District.  Jones noted that many of the problems facing district families and seniors are not homegrown Kansas problems.  Instead, he pointed to the red tape, debt, burdensome taxes, and insecurity created in Washington as being responsible for the struggles many Kansas families and small businesses are now facing.
Kevin Jones

“I learned long ago that to solve a problem, you have to face it head-on and resolve it at the source,” Jones said. “I am running for Congress to take the fight to the source of our problems – Washington, D.C. – this is our mission and we cannot fail.”

On the home front, Jones will focus on jobs and financial security for American families.  Specifically, Jones will work to remove federal barriers to innovation, business expansion and most importantly, job creation.

“Our families need jobs, not red tape,” Jones said. “The focus and concern of our small businesses should be successful growth and job creation, not overbearing government compliance.”

Jones further noted that unleashing America’s economic potential is also dependent on reversing Washington’s culture of debt. He highlighted that the national debt has grown to an unsustainable level, crowding out resources for vital functions and undermining our economic security.

“We can only break this culture of debt with a renewed, true commitment to fiscal restraint and policies to fuel robust economic growth that raises the quality of life and financial security for all Americans,” Jones stated.  “There must be commonsense pro-growth tax reform, coupled with equally common sense spending reforms.”

Jones served in the U.S. Army as a Special Forces Operator deployed to hot spots across the globe, including Iraq. His entry into the race brings the perspective of contemporary combat experience to the contest at a time of growing international tensions.

“National security is a constitutionally mandated duty of our federal leaders, yet that obligation is not being met as politicians have for nearly a decade gutted our military and implemented a haphazard foreign policy,” said Jones.  “I will fight to ensure a strong United States military, while also seeking to restore the lost tactical leadership resulting from the purge of combat experienced officers and frontline servicemen and women during the Obama Administration.”

Kevin Jones grew up in the heart of the Second Congressional District in Wellsville, where he and his wife Nicole now raise their own family.  Returning home from his service in the U.S. Army, Jones was elected as a Kansas State Representative for House District 5, and now also serves on the Wellsville Board of Education and the Franklin County Planning Commission.  Jones is a Realtor® and small business owner.  Jones holds a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from the University of Kansas, and a Master of Ministry degree from Southwestern Christian University.  Jones is an ordained minister and worked as an associate pastor prior to his military service.

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