Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Thank You to Strangers

Letters To The Editor

To the Editor:
I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of my sisters and myself, to comment on the kindness that is still present in our world and to extend our heartfelt thanks to two unknown/unnamed gentlemen that came to the aid of our mother.
On July 25 our mother was taking her morning walk when her rolling walker fell off of a curb and she fell face first into the street.  While driving down the street where she fell two very kind gentlemen witnessed her accident and stopped to assist her.  She understandably was shaken up and was not able to get the names of these individuals.  Her hearing is limited so she probably did not hear most of their questions or concerns.  She was also bloodied, bruised and embarrassed by the incident.  Please know that she genuinely appreciates your help.
Since we have no way of finding these two gentlemen this is our attempt to let them know how grateful we are for their efforts to help her and also remark on the kindness of strangers and new neighbors in Baldwin City where our parents now reside.  They have commented often on the warm greetings that they receive when in the community and this episode on July 25th further ingratiates this wonderful city to us.  Whoever you are, wherever you may be, please know how much we appreciate your care and concern.  

Teresa Kellerman and sisters

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