Monday, June 19, 2017

RG Fiber Expanding

Kevin Surbaugh

If you have been waiting for RG Fiber, the locally owned high speed fiber internet to be available in your area, they are expanding to more homes. This past week, they have had subcontractors from K&W Underground are preparing the way in the area of Ninth and Eighth Streets between Indiana and King.  
Francisco of  K&W Underground prepare the
way for RG Fiber.
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh
Founder and CEO Mike Bosch said that RG Fiber was started three years ago and has been working to expand to the entire city as well as into nearby Eudora. According to Bosch the company has assembled, what he calls, "a very impressive and respectable Board of Directors that help me make strategic decisions for the company."  He raised private capital to start and pay for expansion through multiple investors.
Bosch told the Gazette, that the company offers several services, "We have three internet plans, three TV plans, and one phone plan."
A look at the companies internet services, prices range from $59.95 to $119.95 each month. According to the companies rate sheet, $59.95 is for download and upload speeds of 50 megabits. Which the company says is perfect for a one to two person household.  The second tier is for 150 megabits (two to three person household) and the top tier is a full gigabit service, which is recommended for households of three or more.
Bosch also said that there was a $300 connection fee, which he said could be paid up front or over the course of twelve months.

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