Monday, June 5, 2017

Filings for Local Office - Douglas County

Lawrence City Commission 
Matthew Herbert
Bassem Chahine
Lisa Larsen
Dustin Stumblingbear
Jennifer Ananda
Ken Easthouse
Mike Anderson
Christian Lyche

Baldwin City City Council
Susan Pitts
Peter Sexton
Brian Messenger
A.J. Stevens
Shane Starkey
Brian Cramer

Baldwin City Mayor
Marilyn Pearse
Casey A. Simoneau

Eudora City Commission
Tim Reazin
Jolene M. Born

Lecompton City Council
Elsie I. Middleton
Tim J. McNish

Sandra Jacquot

School Board
USD 497 - Lawrence
At Large

Melissa Y. Johnson
James Alan Hollinger
Kelly Jones
GR Gordon-Ross
Steve Wallace
Jill Hayhurst
Gretchen Alix Lister

USD 348 - Baldwin City
District 1, Position 4
 Gregory L Kruger
District 2, Position 5
Susan Schiffelbein
District 3, Position 6 
Chris Perry

USD  491 - Eudora
Michael P. Kelso
Joseph Hurla
Eric Votaw
Eric Ahlander

USD 343 - Perry-Lecompton
Position #2
Unexpired 2 yr term
Brian Damme
DeAnn Hupe Seib

Position #4

Jarae D Essman
Ryan Blosser

Position #5
Ramon C. Gonzalez, Jr

Position #6
Debra Walburn
Stephanie Confer
Nick Fergus
Brad Guess

USD 289 - Wellsville
Position #3 (unexpired 2-year term)
Position #4
Position #5
Position #6

USD 450 - Shawnee Heights

Position #4, District A
Position #5, District B
Position #6, District C

USD 434 - Santa Fe Trail

Position #4
Position #5
Position #6

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