Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Baldwin School Board Fills Unexpired Term

Kevin Surbaugh

The first public action on Monday nights board meeting, was to appoint a replacement to complete the unexpired term of Nicole Tiller, who resigned  her District 2, Position 5 seat to move out of the district with her family. Only one candidate applied for the position. Susan Schiffelbein told the board that she has been the Baldwin School District for thirteen years. She has three kids, who have all graduated high school.  After a brief interview by the board, Schiffelbein was appointed unanimously to fill the vacancy.
New school board member, Susan Schiffelbein
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh

The position, which was up for election in this years November elections, only drew one candidate as well.  That candidate being Schiffelbein. Baring an unforeseen and successful write-in campaign, Schiffelbein is expected to be on the board for a full four-year term.
Glenn Rodden, Baldwin City-City Administrator, addressed the board to ask the board to do an inter-local agreement to abate taxes within the city for new construction.
The land is still taxed by each taxing authority involved, so there is no loss of current income for those taxing entities, Rodden explained, it is the taxes on the new construction that would be abated. After five-years the property owner will be billed at 100% of the tax. The city chose to abate taxes for five years for new residential or business construction, including additions. The only new construction, not included in the cities plan are those government and non-profits which are already exempt from taxes.
The board asked what the county had said when the city had talked to them. Rodden explained that the County Commissioners was highly in favor, but wanted the city to come to the school board first, before they vote one way or the other.  The board postponed any action until next months meeting.

In other business:

  • The board unanimously approved the consent agenda.
  • Unanimously approved the milk bid from Hiland Dairy in the amount of $49,471.
  • Unanimously approved the year-end final payment and transfers.
  • Received the proposed 2017-2018 budget for the districts Capital Outlay, but postponed action until the next meeting.
  • Unanimously approved changes in the language regarding the districts sick leave.
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