Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Baldwin City Council Pays Tribute to the Late Councilman Bauer

Kevin Surbaugh

The first June City Council meeting of Baldwin City opened up with a moment of silence for the late council-member Steve Bauer and his wife. It was the first meeting since their untimely death in a traffic accident on May 19, 2017.
In his empty spot at the table were placed two white calla lilies, which were given to his son, who was in attendance along with Bauer's nameplate.
Laura Hartman, City Clerk, told the Gazette that Mayor Marilyn Pearse has sixty days, from the time a seat becomes vacant, to nominate a replacement for Bauer.  The council then will have forty-five days to approve (or reject) her appointment.
The council then unanimously repealed the community building sales tax. The repeal of the tax, which had been planned to be put on the ballot, was due to the school boards rejection of a local option mill levee increase for the other half of the project.

In Other Business:

  • Discussed Ordinance 1371, a conditional use permit for Fellowship Bible Church to build a permanent home at 926 Ames. The council will vote at the next council meeting.
  • Approved the development Plan for Fellowship Bible Church.
  • Discussed the ordinance 1372 Property Annexation (Smith). The council will vote at the next council meeting.
  • Approved the appointment of Jana Craig-Hare to the Library Board.
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