Saturday, December 31, 2016

The One Year Mark: A Year in Review

by D. Kevin Surbaugh

One year ago today (December 31), residents of Baldwin City awoke to find that the Baldwin City Signal released that morning would the last issue to be printed. The Lawrence Journal World had decided to cease publication.  With that news, the Gazette was birthed.  As the founder, I couldn't simply sit by idle. I had to act.  It was important to me to put my love of writing into action.  While the year hasn't been easy, with working a full-time job at the same time I was trying to operate this paper can be a challenge to be the least. Finding and getting advertising, even if we have the cheapest rates in the area. Getting out and covering the news as it happens, while trying to go to a full-time job everyday.  Letting people know, that they can send press releases to us. Whether it be non-profit groups, politicians, or other entities that needed to get news out.  Then determining what was blatant advertising in the guise of a press release and what was legitimate news.  Overall, it has been a fun year, and my wife and I look forward to an even better year ahead.

Now lets look back at the top ten stories of the year. To determine the top stories, they are ranked by the number of visitors to our website that viewed the article.
  1. Our number ten most popular article was, School Board Has Joint Public Meeting With Baldwin City Council, with 379 visitors.
  2. With 380 visitors, City Council Hears Public Concerns and Discusses the Utility Building Project, came in at number nine. 
  3. Donald Trump Responds, was our number nine story, with 436 visitors, readers learned what Trumps views were.  Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein ignored our media inquires. 
  4. Coming in at number 8, Signs of Change, had 438 visitors. 
  5. Our sixth top story, with 504 visitors, was also the most controversial.  Area Residents Shocked by New Utility Bill, in the end, it was learned that the bill was for a longer period of time the was normal.
  6. With 598 visitors,  our article Goodbye to Santa Fe Market, came in number five.
  7. With 1,186 visitors, Kwik Shop Relocation is Underway, came in at number four.
  8. With 2135 visitors, our November 21st article, Iconic Women Theatre Series will premiere in Kansas in 2017 came in at number three.
  9. The article tells of the proposed series of plays by author Mike Brommel that plans a stop in Baldwin City.
  10. With 3,424 visitors our article, Nichole Servos - Life with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 came in as the second most popular article.
  11. The article explored what it was like to live with a condition that caused a young girl to lose her hearing.
  12. With 3,559 visitors, our article, Santa Fe Market Sold was the most popular artical of the year, making it our top story.
  13. The owner of Baldwin City's Santa Fe Market, Frank Foye, announced in the June 2, 2016 that he has sold his store. The was bought by Kwik Shop, which became the only fuel station in Baldwin City.

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