Monday, November 14, 2016

Opinion: Trump's Victory Aftermath

Thoughts by Kevin Surbaugh

This past election cycle has been a divisive one, one more then I can remember in the thirty plus years that I have been interested in politics. Based on what the pundits and polls had been reporting, I was prepared for another four years of the liberal agenda.  So I was somewhat surprised, when I watched state after state turn red on the media's electoral map on election night.
In the aftermath of his victory, he set down with Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes. So on Sunday, I made sure I was tuned into the CBS program to see what he had to say.
When asked about the protestors around the country, including as close as Kansas City and Lawrence, he said that he feels that they are protesting, because they really don't know him.  He also urged that they stop.  As for that special prosecutor of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, he seemed to have back peddled. Saying that he would have to think about it. What he really wants to focus on is jobs.
 When it comes to the President's salary, he told Stahl, that he was not taking the it.  His wife Melania Trump will only be the second foreign born first lady. The only other first lady, was the wife of John Quincy Adams.
As Trump watched the returns, he was very quite. In some respect he was somewhat surprised. Something very different from most other candidates.
Throughout the years, I have always been very loyal to the Republican party, but Trump's rhetoric during the primary and general elections made me very uneasy. Still, I endorsed him in the general election and I cast my ballot for him.  Primarily, because as long as I can remember, people have said we need to elect a businessman, rather then a politician. Now we have elected the first person ever to the presidency that was not a politician or general before being elected. It is now time to see what businessman President-elect Trump can do, in running the country as a business. Don't criticize the man, before he has a chance. He has a 100-day plan, let's see if he can get that plan through the Congress. In a business sense, Congress will be his board of directors. How will he be able to handle them?

Missed the interview?  Watch the video here:

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