Thursday, November 10, 2016

Local Election Results

by Kevin Surbaugh

 Douglas County
State Senator 2ND DISTRICT

Marci Francisco DEM 20747
Meredith Richey REP 7237
52 of 52 precincts reporting 27984

Douglas County
State Senator 3RD DISTRICT

Tom Holland DEM 11437
Echo Van Meteren REP 6029
34 of 34 precincts reporting 17466

District Wide
State Senator 2ND DISTRICT

D-Marci Francisco 23,317 66%
R-Meredith Richey 12,118 34%

District Wide
State Senator 3RD DISTRICT

D-Tom Holland 16,810 51%
R-Echo Van Meteren 15,915 49%

Douglas County Commission

County Commissioner 2ND DISTRICT

Nancy Thellman DEM 9878
Jesse L. Brinson Jr. IND 5570
33 of 33 precincts reporting 15448

Commissioner 3RD DISTRICT

Michelle Derusseau REP 9223
Bassem Chahine DEM 8563
38 of 38 precincts reporting 17786

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