Tuesday, October 11, 2016

RNC and Kansas Republicans Issues Joint Statement of Unity

Press Release issued by the Kansas Republican Party

At Monday's regularly scheduled members only conference call, National Chairman Reince Priebus confirmed that the Republican National Committee will not divert funds away from the Trump campaign and that the party stands behind its nominee.
According to the three Kansas National Committee members (Kelly Arnold, Helen Van Etten and Mark Kahrs) Priebus told the 168 members of the Republican National Committee (RNC) that "Over the last 24 to 48 hours there have been a lot of false rumors that we didn't want to engage in. Nothing has changed in terms of our support for the nominee."
Priebus told RNC members that Trump had issued a heartfelt apology and that "I think the issue was taken care of at the debate."
"We want to thank Reince Priebus, for spending the last seven days with our nominee helping him prepare for the debate and standing solidly behind him," said Kelly Arnold, Kansas Republican Party Chair.
Helen Van Etten, Kansas National Committeewoman, stated, "In my eight years with the RNC, I have been consistently impressed with the quality of our RNC members. It is a great honor to work with a very good group of hard-working, dedicated, patriotic Americans. We were not collectively behind any one candidate during the primary season, yet I am genuinely convinced that the entire membership of the RNC has rallied behind our candidate, Mr. Donald Trump."
Mark Kahrs, Kansas National Committeeman, added, "There is nothing more important in this presidential election than who will make the next Supreme Court appointments. Donald Trump has promised to nominate constitutional conservatives in the mold of Justice Scalia. Secretary Clinton will nominate jurists who want to remake America. The choice could not be clearer for Republicans."

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