Monday, October 3, 2016

Editorial: 2016 Presidential Election Endorsement

To say the upcoming presidential election is anything but interesting would be a complete understatement. First neither of the two major party candidates secured an endorsement in our caucus endorsements this past spring. Even though, both of the candidates we endorsed won the their respective parties caucuses here in Kansas. Those two candidates have now endorsed their respective parties nominee and we, in perception of writing this endorsement have looked at the four candidates that are on the ballot in all 50 states.  Those being Hillary Clinton, Democrat; Gary Johnson, Libertarian; Jill Stein, Green Party and Donald Trump, Republican.
During the primary, we heard Hillary ask in March of 2015,
“I suppose it’s fair to say: don’t you someday want to see a woman president?”
Then again in an email her campaign sent out on October 1, 2016, she literally tried to play the woman card, when she said,
"Donate now to elect our first woman president instead of this guy and we'll send you a free Woman Card."
Seriously? You ignore media inquiries to your campaign and place the media on your fundraising email list? Then you want to play the woman card? I'm sorry voting for anyone based on their race or gender is absurd.    There are much more important issues to consider. Someday, we will elect a qualified woman as president, but is that really going to be Clinton? Someone, who probably wouldn't have any of the experience she does have, if she hadn't been married to a former President. Then there is the deplorable actions that she is responsible for during her brief four-years as Secretary of State. Actions that makes her less qualified then former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Rice didn't have illegal servers in her home or have issues of ignoring our diplomats, as Clinton did in the Benghazi scandal.

Then we have Gary Johnson, the nominee from the Libertarian Party. A candidate that politically has more experience then the Republican nominee. As Governor of New Mexico he is credited with cutting the annual growth of the budget by 10 percent in his first term as Governor. It is a disgrace, that he and his Green Party counterpart are denied admittance to the debate. It is said that it is because they don't poll at least10. Perhaps, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) should change their policies on admitting Presidential candidates. I know this getting off the topic of endorsing a particular candidate, however I believe if a party is on all 50 state ballots, that their candidates should be included in the debate. Perhaps then, a third party would have a legitimate shot at winning the presidency.

Jill Stein of the Green Party, says she would not be able to sleep at night if either Trump or Clinton were elected. She also told a CNN town-hall meeting that  she finds Clinton's track record troubling, yet her own record is very limited, she has lost every run she has made for Governor and President, although she has been elected twice as a Town Meeting Representative in Lexington, MA.

That leaves us with Donald Trump, a man I have long admired for his business astuteness, although, he has never been elected to any political office.  Still, it has long been said that perhaps we should elect a business person rather than a politician. Trump is the first purely businessman to win a major parties nomination for the presidency. Yet, his political inexperience could be his downfall. While that was why we didn't endorse him in the state caucuses. Yet now, we think that may be his real strength. His tax plan to reduce the total costs of childcare and to cut taxes across the board, especially for working and middle class Americans. With all this in mind we at the Gazette have decided to endorse Donald J. President as our next President.

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