Monday, October 31, 2016

Donald Trump Responds

We asked each of the four Presidential candidates to answer a questionnaire that we emailed their campaigns.  Only Donald Trump's campaign replied. Below are the answers his campaign supplied to our questions.

1) Why do you want to be president?

Values are key. America used to be a great country. Too many people have given up. Mr. Trump never gives up, and will never give up on America. America should always be a place for winners like Mr. Trump, and not losers, like the people slandering him shamelessly on orders from the Crooked Clintons. Mr. Trump wants to be president because he loves America, and America used to be great, and he wants to Make America Great Again!

2) The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare) was to make insurance more affordable, but has had the opposite affect. What is your plan to fix the excessive cost of health insurance and healthcare?
Competition is king! Look at Canada, or Scandinavia! Their great ideas seemed great at first, but now, if you watch what's happening, it just makes you sad. America will not have the same issue. Mr. Trump knows business, and competition is what will drive down prices, by offering great savings to great Americans who don't need things like coverage for a preexisting condition or low deductibles.

3) Several states have legalized medical marijuana and two states have legalized it for recreational use. Do you favor the legalization of marijuana nationwide? If so, to what extent?
Trump has never used drugs in his life. It is a sad but true fact that Mr. Trump's brother died because of a terrible drug problem in this country, and Mr. Trump personally believes that all drugs stronger than children's aspirin should be looked at to see what exactly is going on. That being said, despite Mr. Trump's personal beliefs, he will not stand in the way if the Congress decided to increase criminal penalties on carrying small amounts of marijuana.

4) The local economy is important to our readers, will your campaign be investing advertising dollars in Kansas? In Missouri?
Earlier in the year, we told the Baldwin Gazette that we promised that the Trump campaign would be opening field offices throughout Kansas. We now regret to announce that we only have the resources to open a campaign office in Wichita, and the Trump campaign will be distributing free media (such as yard signs, buttons, stickers, etc.) for voters to take home. There will be no advertising spending in either state, and the Republican National Committee (RNC) has turned traitor against its own presidential nominee and pulled what we were assured would be a lucrative budget for media ads.

5) What is your budget plan?
Clinton would like you to believe that Mr. Trump's budget plan is a festival of giveaways to the top 1% of the 1%. She would like you to believe that Mr. Trump will ratchet down tax rates so hard that the deficit will skyrocket and the country will be plunged into a dark ages unseen in the modern era. She does not want to talk about her budget plan, of course, a budget plan which is frankly disgusting to even consider--does anyone believe it? No. Stopping loopholes, reducing the budget, bringing new low-price manufacturing jobs to America, thinking deeply about infrastructure but also defense--and it's fine army navy, air force, and coast guard. These soldiers and seamen and shooters for freedom are who we need to defeat ISIS and Make America Great Again don't care about budgets, they care about results. We will bring them the finest results by realizing our vision of the world and our important role in it. We will fight anyone who wants to look at our plans for America. Those who do don't realize that this nation is a nation of laws, and that without the leadership of Mr. Trump this country will continue the disaster it has been for the last 12 years. Without a plan, you have no vision, and without Mr. Trump's vision, this country will have no plan. Mr. Trump's plan also calls for a strong defense of the 2nd Amendment, make no mistake!

6) Do you plan on raising or cutting taxes?
Point of fact, Mr. Trump doesn't like taxes. He doesn't raise them and he doesn't pay them. That being said, Mr. Trump is happy to say that his tax plan is the finest tax plan of any tax plan that's ever lived. An analysis by the non-partisan Tax Policy Center ( concluded that the Trump tax plan would:
*Collapse the current seven tax brackets, which range from 10 to 39.6 percent, into three brackets of 10, 20, and 25 percent
*Tax carried interest as ordinary income
*Repeal estate taxes for those worth over $5,450,000 ($10.90 million per married couple)
*Repeal most tax breaks for businesses
*Repeal the corporate alternative minimum tax
*Impose up to a 10 percent deemed repatriation tax on the accumulated profits of foreign subsidiaries of US companies on the effective date of the proposal, payable over 10 years, to get manufacturing working again.

7) Do you favor a tax plan such as the “fair tax” or “flat tax” that would eliminate the IRS bureaucracy? Why or why not?
Trump believes that there's no such thing as a truly "fair tax." Mr. Trump's tax policy is well-documented as mentioned above. We feel that this will be enough to make the IRS understand that we are being serious about taxes. Lastly, Mr. Trump will hit the IRS like a ton of bricks--firing those with partisan ulterior motives and eliminating the bureaucracy that ties innocent citizens up in audits for years over the slightest accounting issues.

8) How do you propose to improve the public education system? As well as the budget for it?
Look around! Public education is a mess. Everyone knows it, nobody says it. You want to budget it right? How about we just pay the moms to stay at home and teach their kids? Who really thinks some 23-year-old college kid knows what your eight-year-old needs to learn more than you do?

9) How do you propose to improve the life lives of/care for active duty military veterans?
Ask anyone: Hillary Clinton wasted the lives of our brave men and women by pulling out of Iraq too early with Barack Obama. Mr. Trump would make sure their lives weren't wasted by sending them back in there to get the job done, but this time, do it right, as long as it takes!

10) What is your plan to fix/improve social security, welfare and other public care programs?
Reviving Social Security and other public care programs is a top priority in a Trump administration. Social Security is failing in this country, which is a complete disaster and proof that those making the laws in this country are weak and afraid. Donald J. Trump will make sure that Social Security is a rock solid investment, free of debt and receiving a AAA Bond Rating. With investment in our elderly, especially our vets, we can finally fix a broken, disastrous system.

11) What is your stance on drug testing recipients of Government assistance programs?
Mr. Trump has never used drugs in his life. Mr. Trump supports drug testing not just for those receiving government assistance but anyone receiving government funds, from your congresswoman to your mailman to the chief of police.

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