Monday, September 5, 2016

Earthquake Rattles the Midwest

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck in Northwest Oklahoma on Saturday morning, with an epicenter seven miles northwest of Pawnee, OK.  NPR reported the quake was felt from Nebraska to Dallas, TX although later reports said people in Iowa and Arkansas also felt it.
 Here in the Baldwin City, KS area, several people who were awake at the 7:02 A.M. central standard time that the quake hit, said they didn't feel or see anything.  Others however, did.  Jullian, an employee at Menard's in Lawrence said he was up on the "Gennie" in the electrical department when he noticed the light fixtures displays all started to shake.  He quickly lowered himself back to the ground.   Becca, another employee at the same Menard's store said she seen it before he felt it.  According to her, all the shelving in the paint department started to shake.
People took to Facebook to share their experiences and stories. 
 Shelbi Laurel of Topeka said that it, "Knocked pictures off my wall!! Scary way to wake up."
 Jessica Ray of Baldwin City said in a Facebook post Saturday morning, "Baldwin City, KS was a rockin and rollin this morning! From what I found, the last earthquake felt here was in 1931!"
 Debbie Shafer said, "My sewing rocker in my living room started rocking by itself. there was no cat in sight, I thought I has having a haunting experience!"
How about you? Did any of you see/feel the earthquake Saturday morning, using your Google login and leave a comment below.  Tell everyone else what you witnessed, or maybe you were one of those that didn't feel a thing. 

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