Monday, August 29, 2016

Rainy Week

photographer D. K. Surbaugh
This past week has seen a larger amount of rain then what is normal. Average precipitation in August is 4.41 inches. In Gardener they seen that in two days, where over four inches fell in that period of time.  Here in Baldwin City, we seen nearly an inch and a half by Thursday morning. 
By Saturday, we had received a total of two and half inches of rain.  between Wednesday and Saturday we seen at least a half inch of rain each day.
The rains, which came mostly in the overnight hours dumped heavy amounts of water on the area.  Saturday evening, lightening could be seen to the west and thunder could be heard, but Baldwin City itself was spared another night of rain.  However, rain is in the forecast everyday through Tuesday. 

photographer D. K. Surbaugh

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