Monday, August 29, 2016

Palmyra Lodge Raises Funds For Baldwin City Emergency Fund and More

A small crowd was inside Palmyra Lodge at 7:30 A,M., with only about six in attendance.. As the morning went by the tables began to fill up more to enjoy the biscuits and gravy. One of those in attendance, Dave Hill, commented the biscuits and gravy were very good.  Which summed up the sentiments of everyone that came out early on the morning of Saturday August 27, 2016 to support the Mason's and the many charitable things the group does. 
When asked what the $5 fundraiser supported, several group members chimed in with a list of some of the things they do. Some of which, are supported with other fundraisers and raffles throughout the year.  
Some of the charitable activities include:
  • Cancer Research at KU Medical Center
  • Baldwin City Community Emergency Fund
  • Baldwin City Community Food Pantry
  • Christmas Presents for Underprivileged Children
  • .... and more

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