Monday, August 15, 2016

Around Town: Do You Favor a Rec Center

We are looking at the possibility of starting a new feature here at the Gazette. An Around Town segment, where we will go around town seeking peoples thoughts on various issues.  Today's issue we were were surprised how many people didn't know about the subject we were asking about, or didn't care because they "don't live in the city limits" and/or "don't have kids currently in school."

Location: Baldwin City Market

Do you favor a Recreation Center in Baldwin City? Why or why not?

Charles Demmitt
Baldwin City, KS
The mill levy is kind of heavy, if they can bring that down, I would be all for it. As for the rec center, I would be all for it.
- Charles Demmitt, Baldwin City

Jennifer Ruth
Baldwin City, KS
Yes. So the kids will have somewhere to go after school.
- Jennifer Ruth, Baldwin City

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