Monday, May 16, 2016

Rezoning and Security Updates Top Council Agenda

Mayor Marilyn Pearse called the May 16, 2016 City Council meeting to order. Councilwoman Kathy Gerstner was absent.
After approving the consent agenda, the council began discussion of it's second reading of ordinance 1342, the rezoning of 1708 High Street.  Councilman David Simmons reiterated his concern from the last meeting, in that he was opposed to rezoning the address in question. While one property is zoned industrial on one side, it is residential on three other sides. With one of those three sides being the school.  He felt it would encourage pocket industrial parks, which he did not want to see next to the school.  He also felt the zoning change would hurt property values.
Councilwoman Christi Darnell wondered if there was a better zoning. Perhaps a conditional use permit.  Mayor Pearse reminded the council that they can only consider the recommendation of the planning commission by either approving, denying or sending it back to the commission.
 Council members Tony Brown and Steve Bauer said that they were in support of it and the new business coming to town. Bauer then moved for approval, with Brown seconding. With Gerstner absent the council vote was tied so the mayor broke the tie by voting in favor of the rezoning, allowing the motion to pass 3-2.
The council also heard about proposed security updates at city hall, which would include a window being added so that someone couldn't jump over the counter. Councilman Brown moved that the council approve the bid of $32,697. The motion carried 4-0.
There was no need for an executive session resulting in the meeting to adjourn at 7:48 P.M.

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