Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Prairie View Teacher Arrested for Alleged Sex Acts with Student

La Cygne - A teacher at Prairie View High School in rural La Cygne was arrested on the last day of school this past Thursday (May 19, 2016). According to reports English teacher and girls head basketball coach Keaton M. Krell, 31 was arrested for alleged sex acts.  Though no charges had been filed as of this report, the sheriff, Paul Filla, said a judge had already signed off on the evidence presented as sufficient to hold Krell in custody pending charges. According to the sheriffs office, the crime cited is "unlawful sexual relations" A statute that refers to the victim being at least 16 and the offender having some kind of position of authority, when the act of sex, fondling and/or touching occurred.  At press time it was not clear, if it was one or several students.
The sheriff department notified the school of the situation, and school officials removed Krell from the classroom to the principals office, so that students didn't see the arrest. 

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