Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kenneth Kraushaar gets Photograph Published Nationals Park Book

Kenneth Kraushaar, who has lived in Baldwin City since 1987 and has been a National Park Ranger since 2007, recently had a photograph included in a book published by the Eastern National Park Service.
This past summer (2015), Eastern National ( and the National Park Service ( had a photography contest for its several thousand park personnel.
C:\Users\Kenneth\Pictures\1A - Pictures copied to CD\2009-10-04 Summer 2009\Summer 2009 030.JPG
The photograph above is
the cover of the book.
Kraushaar was fortunate enough to have one of his photographs chosen out of over 3000 photographs submitted.  It is on page 24, large photo of Natural Bridges NM.
There are 220 pages in the book and most of the national park units have photographs in the book. It is a wonderfully done coffee table photo book about the National Parks.
The book title is: AMERICA’S NATIONAL PARK; ISBN 978-1-59091-171-6. The book can be purchased at

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