Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Faces of Neurofibromatosis

Throughout the month of May we have been running a series of articles of Neurofibromatosis (NF), since this National NF Awareness Month. However, to is International NF Awareness Day, we are posting just a few of the Faces of NF. Today May 17th is World Neurofibromatosis Day.

Anna Hunter, Overland Park, KS

Anna Hunter, 18, has NF1. She does well in school and expects to finish college a year early with a degree in Psychology. Beside the Cafe-a-late spots and armpit freckling, NF affects her sense of direction among some other items.

Joyce Jeter, Independence, MO

Joyce Jeter was bullied on Facebook, when she joined a Facebook fan page.  However, the bullies were removed from the fan group and their comments were deleted. Other fans rallied around her started a GoFundMe™ campaign to raise money to buy her Royals Tickets. Enough cash was raised that they were able to give her a 2016 season pass. Plus $800 that was left over to buy herself a used car.

Nicole Servos, Fontana
Nicole Servos has NF 2 and lost her hearing because of the condition. Her story is part of the weekly series, appearing each Monday in May. Her story will be published in the Gazette next Monday.

Kevin Surbaugh, Baldwin City
Kevin Surbaugh, grew up in nearby La Cygne and is the editor and publisher of the Baldwin City Gazette. He has had NF tumors as long as he can remember. He also has scoliosis which is often related to NF, has several brain tumors and several nodules on his left eye.

NF Tumors

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