Sunday, April 3, 2016

Damage at Midland Again

 Several times over the past few months, vandals have caused significant damage at the Midland Railway. According to Allen Kinsley  in a post in the Facebook group Citizens for the Future of Baldwin City Community
More damage has occurred to the Midland Railway equipment at the 1200 block of Elm Street. This time they have pulled open a door the wrong way and bent it to the point it cannot be fixed. To add to the cost to repair it, the door is stainless steel and will need to be custom fabricated. Along with that damage, they have began to vandalize a caboose that is owned by one of our members.
Because of the damage Kinsley said in the same post that
All trespassing on Midland Railway property from this point forward will not be tolerated and law enforcement will be directed to arrest such trespassers. This includes photography, looking at equipment (except at the depot), walking on our tracks, illegally dumping metal and trash on our property (which is also occurring), etc. We hate to do this to our community, but the damage we are suffering by trespassers is intolerable.
Photographers will be required to have permission before taking photographs, which would include proof of insurance with a liability waiver naming Midland Railway as a rider. Kinsley explains, that asking permission first before trespassing is the same as anyone else would expect someone to do on their own property. 
If anyone knows about this criminal act please contact the Baldwin City police department at 785-843-0250.

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