Monday, April 4, 2016

Baldwin City Council Hears About Sidewalks and Community Center

Mayor Marilyn Pearse called the April 4, 2016 City Council meeting to order, with the council quickly approving the consent agenda. Moving into public comments, the council heard from Steve Friend, Baldwin City Recreation, who wished to address the council about a topic not on the nights agenda.
Friend announced the Baldwin School District had approved land for a community center adjacent to one of the districts schools.
The plans for the center had not been finalized yet, but before it was, there would be a mailer letting area residents know of the what's, when's and where's. While some of the money for the project would come from a capital campaign, he anticipates an election, perhaps as early as November.
Councilman Tony Brown asked, about what amenities would be in the center.  In response, Friend said, that a pool, indoor track, basketball court along with a fitness area aspect that could sell memberships were desired. As were meeting areas that could be rented for receptions or meetings.
Glenn Rodden, City Administrator
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh

Adam Weigel of the Lawrence Douglas County Metropolitan Planning Organization, presented their plan for Baldwin City. While bike share and bike lanes are something that they look at, the current plan in Baldwin City is a pedestrian only plan.
New sidewalks and repair of existing sidewalks that are in disrepair would cost approximately $6 per square foot, not accounting for removing tree roots or brush that may exist in some cases.  For more information on the plan, it can be seen at

In other business:

  • The council set CIP work session dates for April 21 and 25 at 6 P.M. both evenings.
  • Discussed going paperless in council meetings.
  • Adjourning at 8:15 P.M.

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