Friday, April 29, 2016

Atwood, Crank and Middleton named NWCA NAIA All-Academic Award Winners

MANHEIM, Pa. – Three members of the No. 6 ranked Baker University wrestling team were named 2016 National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) NAIA All-Academic team award winners for their efforts away from the wrestling mat.

The three Wildcats to earn the award include Kyler Atwood, Colby Crank and Connor Middleton.

To be nominated for consideration for the All-Academic team, a wrestler must have at least a 3.25 grade-point average and be a 2016 NAIA national championship qualifier or have a 3.0 GPA and earned All-American honors at the 2016 championships in Topeka. 

In all, 24 All-Americans comprised the 2015-16 NAIA All-Academic team. Twenty-two different schools had at least one representative on the individual team with 17 of those having multiple All-Academic honorees.

All three Wildcats competed in Topeka, Kansas at the 2016 NAIA Wrestling national championships. Atwood qualified in the 197-pound weight class, while Middleton finished as an All-American taking home fifth-place in the 165-pound class.

Crank became Baker’s third wrestling NAIA national champion, by winning the 157-pound national title. He joined Bryce Shoemaker who won the 133-pound championship in 2014 and Victor Hughes who won the 149-pound title in 2016.

Baker (KS) Colby Crank Sr 157 Psychology Champion 22-2
Baker (KS) Kyler Atwood Jr 197 Business Qualifier 23-15
Baker (KS) Connor Middleton Sr 165 Business 5th Place 29-15
Benedictine College Stephen Loosbrock Sr 197 Masters in business Qualifier 34-8
Calumet Tyler W McCoy Sr 197 Business Management Qualifier 10-8
Campbellsville (Ky.) Charles Sharon Jr 174 Math 8th Place 22-10
Campbellsville (Ky.) Nathan Knauf Sr 197 Business Qualifier 12-7
Campbellsville (Ky.) Sean Black So 165
6th Place 27-13
Campbellsville (Ky.) David Sparks So 141 christian studies Qualifier 22-14
Concordia (NE) Foster Bunce Jr 149 Business Qualifier 14-11
Concordia (NE) Ken Burkhardt, Jr. Jr 197 Education 7th Place 32-13
Cumberland (Tenn.) Nate Croley Jr 157 Special Education 7th Place 25-6
Cumberland (Tenn.) Orlando Nawade Jr 165 Mathematics Qualifier 22-12
Cumberland (Tenn.) Peter Donchev Jr 165 Management Qualifier 10-16
Cumberland (Tenn.) Matt Carroll Jr 184 Special Education Qualifier 11-12
Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) Jade Kramer Hoisington Sr 285 History Qualifier 7-12
Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) Trever David Devestern Sr 165 Business 7th Place 21-4
Dickinson State (N.D.) Seth Daniel Ehlang Jr 149 Biology Qualifier 26-7
Dickinson State (N.D.) Clinton Taylor Hodel Sr 165 History 3rd Place 32-2
Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) Anton King Jr 149 Meteorology 7th Place 12-14
Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) Brenn Schiess Jr 157 Global Security and Intelligence Studies Qualifier 23-13
Grand View Dallas Houchins Sr 165 Applied Math 2nd Place 30-4
Grand View Grant Henderson So 157 Secondary Education - Pre - BA 2nd Place 22-6
Great Falls (Mont.) Justin Whitman Jr 141
Qualifier 20-21
Great Falls (Mont.) Luke Schlosser Sr 125
5th Place 26-8
Great Falls (Mont.) Michael Ayala Jr 174
Qualifier 16-15
Indiana Tech Darryl Grayson Sr 184 Industrial Manufacturing Engineering 3rd Place 37-5
Indiana Tech Collin Crume Sr 133 Sports Management 7th Place 21-16
Indiana Tech John Weldon Jr 165 Criminal Justice Qualifier 32-9
Life University Garrett Webb So 141 Exercise Science Qualifier 23-11
Life University Dalton Bailey So 197 exercise Science 4th Place 37-4
Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) James Flint So 125 Criminal Justice 4th Place 22-8
Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) Daniel Leonard Jr 141 Psychophysiology Qualifier 17-8
Missouri Baptist University William Upson Sr 149 Exercise Science Qualifier 16-2
Missouri Baptist University Andrew Mahone So 197 Business Administration Qualifier 30-12
Missouri Valley Gabi Musallam Sr 285 Criminal Justice 3rd Place 20-3
Missouri Valley Jake Ekster Sr 141 Biology 5th Place 10-4
Missouri Valley Donovan Fouchey
197 Exercise Science 6th Place 25-12
Morningside (Iowa) Steven Garcia So 149 Integrated Community Service 4th Place 27-7
Morningside (Iowa) Dakota Drenth Fr 157 Elementary Education Qualifier 19-14
Northwestern (Iowa) Zachary Fishman Sr 174 Sociolgy 5th Place 29-7
Northwestern (Iowa) Brandon Shuler So 165 Undecided Qualifier 17-14
Oklahoma City Derek Sivertsen Jr 174 Accounting 7th Place 36-12
Southern Oregon Tyler Cowger Jr 149 HPEL 2nd Place 28-6
Wayland Baptist (Texas) Michael Napier Sr 184 Religion 5th Place 30-8
Williams Baptist College Joshua Chiles So 197 Biology Qualifier 27-10
Williams Baptist College Tyler Dibert So 184 Finance Qualifier 25-11

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