Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kansas Senate Advances Bill to Increase Automobile Registration Fees

The Senate on Monday, February 22, voted to increase automobile registration fees to help fund the Kansas Department of Transportation (SB335). The $8.6 million hike in the state’s vehicle registration fee would boost aid for the Kansas Highway Patrol and a Hutchinson law enforcement training center. The current $30 registration fee would increase on all vehicles by $3.25 ($2 to provide money to hire new KHP troopers and by $1.25 to provide for the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center). According to legislative figures, the $2 fee hike would generate $5.3 million annually for KPH, while the $1.25 fee increase would provide $3.3 million each year to the training facility at Hutchinson.
Meanwhile, the Senate accepted an amendment proposed by Sen. Greg Smith, R-Overland Park, to create a legislative lock box for all new revenue that Senate Bill 335 would direct to KHP and the law enforcement center.

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