Wednesday, February 3, 2016

City of Baldwin City Joins Nextdoor

The city of Baldwin City has launched a Nextdoor social media page for neighborhoods, using the tool as another way to communicate with residents.
With Nextdoor, residents can create private, self-managed neighborhood websites to share information, including neighborhood public safety issues, community events and activities, local services and even lost pets. The city can post information on important news, services, programs, free events, and emergency notifications to Nextdoor websites within the city.
“Social networking sites like Nextdoor allow for two-way interaction with citizens by providing a platform to easily communicate with our residents,” said Kevin Surbaugh, the local Nextdoor lead, in the release. "Some have referred to the site as neighborhood watch meets Facebook." As the site grows, the city can use the site to help communicate to the citizens in the area. Visit Nextdoor, and enter your address to join or start your neighborhood’s Nextdoor website.

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